Betting on FIFA

FIFA and its Role in the World of Esports

FIFA is the world's leading football video game franchise, adored by casual players and even professional footballers across the globe. From its dominant position within the industry, it brings together real players, kits and teams, and even some of the greatest players from throughout history as gamers use real squads or their own Ultimate Team as they seek online glory.

FIFA as an Esport

As with any competitive game, some players are better than others. Those that prove their mettle in online competition become registered as esport contenders, thereby qualifying them for tournaments around the world.

These offline gatherings attract the cream of the world's FIFA players. Numerous tournaments take place throughout each edition of the game as part of the FIFA Global Series, with successful participants taking down significant prize pools and qualification points towards the biggest event of the season, the FIFA eWorld Cup.

The significance of FIFA in the footballing world has grown to the point that several significant clubs operate their own esport franchises. Manchester City, AS Roma and FC Basel, are just some of the major names to participate, joining more traditional esport names like Complexity Gaming and Fnatic.

The FIFA eWorld Cup

No matter what happens throughout a season, every player ultimately has their eyes on the eWorld Cup trophy. Formerly known as the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC), the first tournament took place in Switzerland in 2004 and has since grown into an integral part of the annual esports calendar. Every FIFA player around the world can enter, but only the sixteen best performers on the Xbox and PlayStation platforms make it to the live event. There, they battle for console supremacy before the winners ultimately face off in the two-legged final, with one leg played on each system

The winner of that final becomes the FIFA eWorld Cup champion and regarded as the year's top player.

Betting on FIFA Esports

With football being amongst the most popular sports with gamblers, and the esports betting market growing all the time, it is no surprise to see everything coming together to make FIFA tournaments accessible at the best online sportsbooks.

Numerous online betting sites offer markets on individual matches and outright tournament winners. As with most video game betting opportunities, Bet365 stands out as one of the best picks. They have offered esports markets for longer than most, and punters can be sure of finding the latest markets for all the big events.

Unsurprisingly, anyone with a bet on a FIFA tournament and those that like to see how the action plays out before placing their wagers will find every FIFA esports event being broadcast live on Twitch. Just as in the game, viewers can expect appearances from big names of today and the past, along with cutting-edge insight and analysis that can potentially better-inform their betting strategy.

Ultimate Team – The FIFA Esports Mode of Choice

Qualification for major FIFA esport tournaments, together with the competitions themselves, takes place in the Ultimate Team mode. It is the most popular part of the game among players of all skill levels by far.

Rather than being restricted to real-life teams, players can instead use chemistry, loyalty and other factors to bring together the best players of today and influential players of yesteryear to complete their line-up. The qualities of each squad member are accurately emulated in the game, so viewers can expect to see numerous big names and fan favourites every time they tune in.

As rivalries form and storylines play out, football and video game fans alike can keep track of all the action and potentially follow their favourite players to prize payouts of their own on leading esports betting sites. That's all without the hours of practice, millions of coins and sporting flair the top players require to shine in FIFA esports.

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