Betting on Fortnite

If you are a gamer, you most probably know Fortnite video game. The multiplayer phenomenon was released in 2017 and burst when a new version of the game, Battle Royale, was introduced. The roaring game attracts new players every day with its open-world survival theme. Furthermore, it attracts non-players who enjoy streaming the game from sites like YouTube and watch others play.

Entering the Esport Realm

Though Fortnite game is still new in the gaming industry, endless calls invite the game in the competitive gaming arena and identify itself as an esport. Some experts are convinced that this will happen very soon. There are numerous reasons why the game should accept these invites, especially due to players' tremendous increase rate.

Some topping esports betting sites have expressed their interest to offer gaming and gambling markets on Fortnite competitions. Interestingly, this is before the announcement of these competitions. There are high chances that Fortnite Battle Royale will launch a betting site allowing bettors to make profits as they play.

Not There Yet

Betting sites like Spin Palace and betwaysports are expected to lead the way in making it possible to bet on Fortnite Battle Royale. However, the sites are not currently offering Fortnite betting. They are expected to do this immediately after professional contests start. You can sign up on either of the betting sites an enjoy gaming while making some cash, especially since they are among the top-quality esports gambling sites.

The betting sites offer open betting markets on every popular game like Dota 2, Counter-Strike, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and League of Legends. You can therefore enjoy numerous betting opportunities on the sites. These betting sites are ranked top for several reasons. One being they are reputable and trustworthy; hence they take care of their customers in the best way. Besides, the sites are enjoyable and simple to use, making them convenient for any bettor of eighteen years and above.

Fortnite Main Features

  • A map for the new Battle Royale: The map allows the use of several new features. The map is a new development which has more water allowing boats as a new means of transport. Players can swim and hide in barrels or haystacks and carry their overpowered teammates on their back to safety.
  • Multiple player skills: Fortnite is quite different from other popular video games. It allows multiple player skills, although it is an optional feature. It's a game of shooting people and exploring the world, making it adventurous.
  • Visual appeal: Like many modern games, Fortnite looks great. However, it has outdone its competitors as it looks better than most online games. It has unique cartoon-style graphics that attract players making it more popular.
  • Island feature: The game features an island with about thirteen locations. However, this feature did not come with the original game as it is an upgrade from the original version.
  • Explosives and hideouts: Being a shooting game, Fortnite allows the use of explosive barrels on your opponents. You can also hide in dumpsters as you figure out your next move.

Why Fortnite is so popular

Fortnite seems to master the art of gaming as it comes with new features that catch players' attention. Gamers love new ideas and Fortnite does exactly that with new features like the new watery map that excite players. There are, however, several features and aspects of the game that contribute to its massive popularity. Some of them are:

  • Easy to start: Fortnite is neither easy nor simple to master. However, its basics are easy to learn, which contributed to its popularity.
  • It is free: The original game is free to play and you only spend money when you want to. You can enjoy the game and be a competitive player without spending your money.
  • Celebrity players: Even celebrities are not immune to this epic game. Some celebrities, including rapper Drake, make it known that they play Fortnite. There also several soccer players who were captured doing the Fortnite dance to celebrate a win.
  • It is a family-friendly game: As much as it's a shooting game where players are shooting to kill, the cartoon-style graphics make it acceptable to parents. Guardians and parents would prefer kids to play less violent games. Luckily, Fortnite does not face this challenge as parents can even play with their kids making it a family-friendly game.

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