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Starcraft 2

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What is Starcraft 2 ?

Starcraft 2 is a real-time strategy game (RTS) developed by Blizzard Entertainment in which two opposing players compete by choosing one of three species (races) available on a previously selected map. These breeds are called Terrans, Protoss and Zerg. Each of them includes unique units, buildings and play mechanisms. The game experiences they offer are also unique and different from each other and are created to suit different game styles.

Eternal popularity

Since its launch, StarCraft II has become a successful eSport game with many leagues and tournaments in progress and especially with jackpot prizes of up to $170,000. There are many contests organized by third-party organizers and bringing together the best competitive players from around the world : the GomTV SC2 World League, TeamLiquid StarCraft League, Major League Gaming, ESL and North American Star League. StarCraft II has also become the main title of the world's leading local networks, such as WCS and Dreamhack.

Starcraft II is the eSport where betting has been available for the longest time. To become a successful gambler, you must really understand the game and spend a lot of time on it. To start, make sure you find the right bookmaker for your needs.

That's why we offer them to you!

In the betting guides for other electronic sports, we mentioned that professional bettors think they need information on a large number of crucial variables. You have to watch a lot of games, follow the current meta game and the players' daily log. It takes a long time to get good results in Starcraft 2 bets. When you acquire this basic knowledge, you must use it to find a value in the wrong odds of the bookmakers.

Examine the chances offered by bookmakers, analyze the playing style of both players and the cards chosen for the match. For example, a Terran player's real strategy might well be the mech strategy, but on this map, the mech strategy against Zerg has a low percentage of wins. In your opinion, do the bookmakers' odds really reflect these factors? Otherwise, find the highest odds and make a bet. This may not only happen in this game, but you have invested your money with a positive expected return that will make you a long-term winner.

As with all bets you make, the value may not be to predict who wins, but rather how many times they win and whether the odds are right. To become a better eSports gambler, we recommend that you guess the odds of a specific match or event before looking at the odds offered by bookmakers. This gives you a real experience. If you do this for a long time, you will become more accurate and, hopefully, better than some bookmakers!

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Starcraft 2

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