It looks like the 2023 F1 Esports season is finally upon us!

It looks like the 2023 F1 Esports season is finally upon us!

24 November 2023

Despite Formula 1 being one of the most-watched and most prestigious sports disciplines in the world, and the enormous potential of the sport within the world of international esports, the build-up to the 2023 F1 Esports season has been baffling so far. So far, there has been an incredible lack of communication from official sources as to what to expect from the 2023 season. Fans and followers believe that the start of the season is upon us though, as more and more teams have been confirming their lineups of late. At the moment of writing, the teams are on the way to the town of Jönköping in Sweden, where Dreamhack Winter is taking place from Friday, November 24th, to Sunday, November 26th. The general expectation is that the first round of the F1 Esports 2023 season will take place during the event, on the virtual Bahrain track.

Strong roster all around

For a while now, the rumor was that the F1 Esports 2023 season was going to take place on the Maldives and recent team activity seemed to confirm that. As most of the participating teams recently started flooding their own social media accounts with traveling pictures, claiming to be on the way to the Maldives. Seeing as Dreamhack is just a few hours away at the moment of writing, we know in fact that they are on the way to Sweden, which increases the possibility of the new F1 Esports season starting very soon.
In any case, most of the teams that will be competing for the 2023 title have announced their rosters by now. Many of the sports’s big names are set to return to the sims very soon, including reigning champion Lucas Blakeley, two-time champion Jarno Opmeer and shock 2022 rookie Thomas Ronhaar. Of the favorites, only Mercedes still haven’t revealed their 2023 roster yet.

The confirmed rosters for all teams can be found below:

ALFA ROMEO : Brendon Leigh, Thomas Ronhaar, Matthijs van Erven

ALPHATAURI : Joni Tormala, Jed Norgrove, Tom Manley

ALPINE : Luke Smith, Patrik Sipos, Ruben Pedreno

ASTON MARTIN : Simon Weigang, Fabrizio Donoso, John Evans

FERRARI : Bari Broumand, Nicolas Longuet, Istvan Puki

HAAS : Alfie Butcher, Ulas Ozyildrim, Bence Szabo-Konyi

MCLAREN : Lucas Blakeley, Dani Moreno, Wilson Hughes

MERCEDES : Jarno Opmeer (rest to be confirmed)

RED BULL : Frede Rasmussen, Sebastian Job, Josh Idowu

WILLIAMS : Alvaro Carreton, Marcel Kiefer, Ismael Fahssi

Doubts surrounding race streams

It sounds too crazy to be true, but seeing as there has been no official communication yet in regard to the F1 Esports 2023 season, we are not completely sure yet where the action can be watched. What’s more, we’re not even sure if there will be any chance to follow the action live. Considering the 2022 series though, the general expectation is that the races will be streamed live on the official Youtube and Twitch channels of the Formula 1. We therefore recommend keeping an eye on these channels if you want to watch the first race this weekend.

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