Betting on esports - Most common esports bets

Betting on esports - Most common esports bets

16 December 2021

Nowadays, most of the professional gamers around the world are also part of an esports organization. These organizations are usually much more than just teams of professional gamers training and participating in tournaments. Successful teams like Team Liquid from Europe and Team Spirit from Russia don't pay their contract esporters just to play video games, but to promote the entire organization as well. This way, esports organizations can sometimes grow into full-fledged lifestyle brands as well.

Thanks to video platforms like Youtube and Twitch, the global esports industry has experienced exponential growth over the past decade or so. Professional esporters can rake in several hundred thousand dollars worth of wages, prize money, and other perks nowadays, and the major esports events are watched by millions around the world. As a result, online betting on esports has become a popular pastime for more and more people as well.

Betting on esports

Just like you can with real sports, you can choose from a large selection of possible bets when it comes to betting on esports. Most online bookmakers will offer a variety of bets, though they might be offering different events and odds in comparison to each other. That's why it's always wise to check out a few different online bookmakers for esports before betting.
To give you an idea of the kind of esports bets you can find at different bookmakers, we'll list three of the most popular online bets here below:

  • Betting on esports: Winner

Betting on who wins a certain contest is the most common type of online bet and not just for esports. For most offline and online sports betting, betting on the winner is a first choice for hobbyists and professional gamblers alike. Furthermore, in the case of tournaments, you can bet on the winner of individual games or on the winner of the entire event. Compared to some of the other available esports bets, betting on the winner is also one of the most straight-forward ways of playing.

  • Betting on esports: First blood

The term “first blood” originally refers to the first shedding of blood, usually in the context of a violent encounter, and in esports it refers to the first point gained in a contest. In popular games like Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends, it's all about kills, so in that sense, “first blood” refers to the first kill and that's what you can bet on as well. As a matter of fact, betting on which team will get the first kill is another popular form of betting on esports.

  • Betting on esports: Proposition bets

Proposition bets, often also called prop bets, represent a collective name for bets that are placed in regard to the occurrence (or non-occurrence) during a game of an event that does not directly affect the final outcome of the contest. These can can vary wildly per game. For example, in FIFA 22, you could place a bet on which player gets the first yellow card, while in League of Legends you could put money on who kills Baron Nashor.