Epic Games announces new Rocket Racing mode for Fortnite Season 5

Epic Games announces new Rocket Racing mode for Fortnite Season 5

5 December 2023

We won’t have to tell the Fortnite fans around the world, but perhaps the more casual followers of international esports were not yet aware that the much-anticipated Fortnite Big Bang event took place just a few days ago. On Saturday, December 2nd, the live event coincided with the end date of Fortnite Season 10 and X, and it included more than just Fortnite action. Players and fans were also given news of several exciting developments to come in the Fortnite universe, including an official LEGO mode, a collaboration with global music icon Eminem, and a Rocket Racing mode. In this article, we are focusing on this last reveal, as it’s presented as a more than promising cross-over between Fortnite and another hugely popular esports title, Rocket League.

Brand-new Rocket Racing mode

Even though the launch of the Rocket Racing mode in Fortnite has been set for Friday, December 8th, Riot Games has already revealed some key information in the build-up to that moment. For starters, we already know that the new Rocket Racing game mode has been developed in collaboration with Psyonix, the studio behind Rocket League. This, together with the trailer that was released during the Big Bang event last weekend, confirms that Rocket League is coming to Fortnite and fans can’t wait to see the end result.
(For those interested: you can find the official Fortnite Rocket Racing trailer here)

“Rocket Racing is a supersonic arcade racer where players drift, fly, and boost with friends through an ever-growing selection of tracks”, writes Epic Games on their own website, “Rocket Racing is developed by Psyonix, the visionary team behind Rocket League, and will be available to play on December 8, 2023 in Fortnite with an E rating”.
It should be noted as well that Psyonix was acquired by Epic Games back in 2019, which makes us expect that the integration of the Rocket Racing mode into Fortnite will be seamless. Vice- versa there will also be some additions to Rocket League, as Fortnite’s iconic Battle Bus will be added as a playable car in the popular racing football game. On top of that, Epic Games is organizing interactive esports watch party inside the Fortnite universe as a way to promote the upcoming Rockey League World Championship.

Cars and tracks

As is the case in Rocket League, cars and tracks logically play a central role in the new Rocket Racing mode. There will be free vehicles, wheels and decals for all players when the mode is launched on December 8th, and players will also have the cars and decals acquired from the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass at their disposal. On top of that, there will be an ever-growing selection of tracks available for players to explore, and from the trailer we can see that there will be plenty of car moves and tricks to try out as well.