Guild partners up with gaming hardware manufacturer Razer

Guild partners up with gaming hardware manufacturer Razer

21 March 2022

As one of the fastest growing international esports brands in the world, Guild Esports has been active in signing collaborations and partnerships with various brands, both in the world of international esports and outside of it. Just at the start of this year, for example, the organization closed a massive £4.5 million deal with cryptocurrency exchange platform Bitstamp and now they have announced yet another partnership, this time with world-renowned technology multinational Razer.

Confidential contract value

Through an initial two-year contract, the American-Singaporean premium gaming equipment manufacturer will be Guild’s official gaming chair partner. In practice, this means that for the coming two years, Razer will be providing Guild with the latest in terms of gaming chairs for all its professional esporters and content creators. This also includes all gaming chairs for the brand-new Guild Academy and headquarters at 2 Chance Street in Shoreditch, London.

In return, the Razer brand and imaging will be featuring prominently at all the facilities as well as on Guild’s multi-channel social media setup. Like this, they will be associated with some of the best professional players and content creators in international esports. Together, Guild and Razer want to provide better high-quality esports entertainment while supporting growing esports communities around the world at the same time. With Razer, Guild is adding one of the world’s largest gaming brands to its growing portfolio of partners.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Razer, a leading brand that has built a global audience and has been a staple in the esports community for many years”, commented Kal Hourd, CEO at Guild Esports, after the announcement of the partnership with Razer, “With a shared vision of growth and providing value to our community, we very much look forward to our partnership with Razer. This is the fifth brand to sign with Guild and this demonstrates the quality of partners we continue to attract because of our fan-focused strategy, team performances and relationship with a fast-growing, young, and passionate audience”.

One of the best

As everyone is professionals esports knows, the key to peak gaming performance is solid support and this is what Razer has focused on for years. In the high-end segment, the company provides an excellent combination of excellent build quality, comfortable back support and a designer look for both professional gamers and gaming enthusiasts. In that sense, Razer makes a perfect partner for Guild and vice-versa, seeing as their key audiences largely overlap in more than a few areas.

“Guild has established a strong presence in the international esports world with great teams and a distinctive audience”, says Flo Gutierrez, Global Esports Director at Razer, “Together, we are going all out in ensuring fun-packed and memorable experiences to gamers and esports followers alike. With our ergonomic chairs, we’ve literally got Guild’s back in achieving greater success, as well as further strengthening our brand among Guild’s growing international fanbase”