Is March bringing us one of the best VALORANT updates ever?

Is March bringing us one of the best VALORANT updates ever?

4 March 2024

8.700 points. That’s how the upcoming VALORANT update will cost. This places the update, which has been named “Primordium”, in the “Exclusive” tier in terms of bundles and looking at its contents, we can understand why. Besides the included weapons, it also features a highly customizable set of gun skins, as well as a player card, a gun buddy, and an animated spray with in-game sound, just to name a few of its contents. The Primordium update is expected to be released around March 15th, but developer Riot Games has not yet made an official announcement in this regard.

Destructive gifts of Primordium

We don’t have to tell the VALORANT fans, but the VALORANT update for March is upon us and it looks like it could be a big one this time. Riot Games usually releases an update about once a month, usually in the form of small patches. At the start of this year, for example, the 8.01 patch updated agent Skye, which resulted in a considerable reduction of the character’s usage in various major VALORANT Champion Tours and VALORANT Challenger Leagues.

The upcoming Primordium bundle is set to contain a valuable set of weapons, including both a Vandal and a Phantom, on top of a Spectre, a Shorty and a new type of melee weapon. This melee weapon is called the Blades of Primordia, asset of dual swords that comes with brand-new animations for attacking, equipping and running. Seeing as the weapons originate from “ancient beings of lava and bedlam”, their skins combine dark fantasy and organic themes, imagined by senior game producer Jean Luc tin Sive as “a demon on the weapon getting more and more angry as the player fires”.

Beta launch

As usual, the Primordium update will first be launched in the Public Beta Environment (PBE), where selected players can test the new features before they are released to the public. While we don’t know the release date for Primordium yet, we do know when the PBE sessions for the upcoming release have been planned. The first took place a few days ago, on Friday, March 1st, and the second is set to take place on Friday, March 8th.

These PBE dates are also the source for the speculation surrounding the Primordium release date. In February, the previous update was released twelve days after the PBE. If the March plans follow a similar path, the next VALORANT update should be available for the public around March 15th.

There is another credible theory though, which argues that the Primordium update will be released towards the end of the month instead of around the 15th. The argument here is that the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Masters Madrid is currently being played and it would make little sense to release the update in the middle of such a major event. Seeing as the VCT Masters Madrid concludes on Sunday, March 24th, if you follow this theory, the update should be released shortly after that.