Metro Exodus, developers are working on a new opus

Metro Exodus, developers are working on a new opus

13 June 2019

It’s a good news for 4A Games fans, the creators of the excellent Metro Exodus

The software company, futhermore to the additional content of the last chapter of the saga based on the novels of the writer Dmitry Glukhovsky, is also working on an unannounced opus. Excellent news, given the quality of the last work of the 4A Games.

THQ Nordic disclosed the existence of this promising and intriguing opus, claiming to have signed an agreement with the software publisher behind Metro to publish this mysterious adventure. On the same occasion, THQ Nordic, Deep Silver and Coffee Stain studios revealed that they had 80 opus under development, 48 of which had not yet been released.
By combining this surprising but welcome announcement that THQ Nordic revealed a few days ago that it had two huge returns of famous sagas for the E3, it’s clear that community interest is very high for 4A Games. Does the next event in Los Angeles will tell us more about this mysterious title?

One of the two announcements could probably be related to Gothic and Piranha Bytes, but several other doubts remain. It will therefore be a little more than a month before discovering the identity of the two opus.

Besides the Gothic mentioned above, we notably found the names of Red Faction, Darksiders and Timesplitters, intended to awaken the minds of the community in preparation for the upcoming E3 in Los Angeles.

Animates, needless to say, are already very important to them given the scale of the event in question.

What do you think of this news: What do you think 4A Games is currently working on? Will their next work explore new territories or will the influence of Metro Exodus still be felt? Esport has a bright future ahead of it. Let us know in the comments!