PUBG Global Series returning in for a third time in May 2024

PUBG Global Series returning in for a third time in May 2024

23 April 2024

The year 2024 is shaping up to be a big one for PUBG players and fans all around the world. PUBG Corporation, the company behind the successful game franchise, took the start of this year to announce a host of new Global Partner Teams, including the likes of FaZe Clan, Four Angry Men and Twisted Minds. The selection also boasted two completely new names, namely Vietnamese esports organization CERBERUS and Thai esports organization Daytrade Gaming.

And now it turns out that wasn’t even the biggest news to come out of PUBG headquarters in this first part of the year. A few days ago, PUBG Corporation announced the return of the PUBG Global Series in May of this year. From Monday, May 20th, to Sunday, May 26th, the third edition of one of PUBG’s major international events will be played offline in Shanghai, in China.

24 teams participating

While it happens often that a long-awaited reveal, for example of a new game update or an upcoming international esports event, ends up providing very little new information, this was definitely not the case for the recent PUBG Global Series 3 announcement. Organizers PUBG Corporation revealed a lot of important information in regard to the upcoming tournament, including the names of the participating teams, the depth of the prize pools and complete schedule.

As far as the participating teams are concerned, there will be a total of 24 sides vying for the title. These include the ten previously mentioned and announced Global Partner Teams plus the best fourteen teams from every regional series. These include South Korean team Freecs, North American esports organization Team Falcons and Brazilian team Legacy, just to name a few.

The 24 teams will be divided into three groups of eight for the Group Stage and each day of this stage will feature six matches. In the end, the sixteen best teams will qualify for the Final Stage, which will also feature six matches per day. The team that finished in first place at the end of the Final Stage wins the title plus the biggest chunk of the prize pool.

$ 300.000 prize pool

A total prize pool of $ 300.000 has been reserved for the upcoming PUBG Global Series 3, of which $ 100.000 will go the eventual champions. Another $ 60.000 in prize money is reserved for the runner-up and the number three, divided into $ 40.000 and $ 20.000 respectively. The remaining $ 140.000 will be spread out over the other 21 participating teams, with the number four receiving $ 18.000 and the number 24 getting $ 1.000 in prize money.

On top of the cash, participating teams can also win PGS points during the PUBG Global Series 3. These points go into the PGC ranking and at the end of the year, the highest-ranking teams are invited to compete at the PUBG Global Championship 2024. The 2023 edition was won a few months ago by Mongolian organization IHC Esports.