Xbox bringing direct streaming of its games to Samsung smart TVs

Xbox bringing direct streaming of its games to Samsung smart TVs

22 June 2022

This summer, on the 30th of June to be exact, Microsoft will be releasing its long-awaited Xbox app for Samsung smart televisions. With the new app, models from 2022 (and onwards) will be able to directly stream Xbox games via the cloud without any need for a console. This will make hit titles like Fortnite and Halo accessible to an even larger audience around the world, not in the last place because of the fact that Samsung is one of the biggest manufacturers of smart TVs on the planet. The upcoming release marks the first app of this kind for Microsoft and Xbox.

Big development in the world of international esports

With Microsoft being one of the biggest players in the international esports market globally, the release of the new Samsung smart TV app marks an important development for esports overall. Fans of the hundreds of Xbox games around the world will no longer need a pricey console to enjoy their favorite titles. Instead, a Samsung smart television and a game controller will be enough from June 30th onwards. Microsoft has already announced that both the native Xbox controllers and Sony’s DualSense controllers will be compatible with the new streaming service.

At the same time, the company has also expressed its desire to bring its gaming library to smart televisions of other brands. At the moment, the app only works for Samsung televisions, but the idea would be to introduce the Xbox library to every smart TV around the world. This would make popular titles we mentioned earlier like Halo and Fortnite available to billions, as well as all of Microsoft’s other games, including Forza Horizon 5 and Minecraft.

Xbox Game Pass

Playing Xbox games directly via a Samsung smart television is quite simple. Players just need to download the app and log into (or create) a Microsoft account. Once that’s done, all that’s left to do to get started is connecting a controller via Bluetooth. One important detail though, is that in order to enjoy the full benefits of the new Xbox app for Samsung, players are recommended to get a paid Xbox Game Pass, as well. Without the Game Pass, the only cloud-enabled game available to play will be Fortnite.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which can be purchased both online and offline for just $1 a month for the first three months of the subscription and $14,99 a month for the following months. It provides players with access to hundreds of games via Xbox Gold Live, including the monthly new releases. On top of that, Game Pass holders will have chances to enjoy exclusive deals and discounts. You can find more information about the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate here and we also recommend to keep an eye on the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account, where deals and promos are regularly announced.