LoL: Get ready for season 9!

LoL: Get ready for season  9!

9 January 2019

The 8 League of Legends season is just over, and Riot Games announces the beginning of the 9 League of Legends season. Indeed, it is at the end of a Japanese teaser that we find the date of the end of the pre-season, and especially the beginning of season 9: January 23, 2019. The date was confirmed in a tweet from SapMagic, designer at Riot Games. This new season like all the offers will bring its share of changes and improvements! Here are the main new features for this season:

Ranked: 2 new levels added and change of PL affection!

In addition to the fact that 2 new levels were added (Iron bearing before bronze, and grand master between master and challenger) The announcement had the effect of a bomb in the League of Legends community. From next season, the classified lanes will undergo major changes. Changed placement matches, ranking by position, new levels, all of which will shake up our little world that has been tidy for years.

Faced with the growing concerns of part of the community, the developers finally took the time to answer the players' questions. Here is how it works:

Case number 1: If you are Gold on your main mid post and you find yourself at another post, in case of victory you will earn more points: + 6 PL for the top view and the jungle and +10 PL for your main post because you have been autofill.

Case number 2: We stay on the same profile as in the first example, but this time you lose all your games by trying to increase your rank on the top track. The distribution of PLs will be determined by the number of defeats over the last X games. The more games you lose, the more LPs you lose.

In conclusion, if you decide to stay in only one position for the entire season, the ranked line will be less painful than it is now. If you want to diversify, you will earn more PL on your new positions in case of victory, and when you are in automatic filling, the PL will be even more numerous

Runes: Some new features

The current system is relatively efficient, but Riot has chosen to delete and add new things:

Added: Rune statistics. Three stats lines have been added in the rune interface. Select one on each line. Rune stats can be modified when selecting champions.

Deleted: Branch bonuses: You no longer start the game with stats bonuses that depend on the rune branches you have selected.

Jungle: Kill more epic monsters!

The objective shot is probably the most important in a game. These objectives are also reflected in the jungle that will have this season, more chance of killing epic monsters by reducing the reappearance:

  • Time to reappear of the elementary dragons: 6 minutes → 5 minutes
  • Time to reappear of the Ancestral Dragon: 8 minutes → 6 minutes
  • Deadline for Baron Nashor's reappearance: 7 minutes → 6 minutes

Summoners, be ready for the coming season and see you soon for new Esport news !